Photography 11

Photography 11 is an exciting, hands-on beginner course in digital photography! It’s geared towards those students who don’t just want toread about taking great photos, but want to get out there and actually do it! It’s a course that will be useful for both beginning and experienced photographers, helping them master the essentials of taking great photos such as camera set up, exposure, natural & on-camera flash lighting, and depth of field, to more advanced concepts such as posing, creative angles, composition, and the ins and outs of photo shoots. …By the end of this course, students will have an excellent foundation in digital photography that will serve both the student who simply wants to be a hobbyist photographer and just likes taking photos as well as the student who has an idea of eventually turning this into something more… (The author of the course is an active professional photographer.)

As mentioned, this is a project-based course and so nearly all of the learning outcomes will be demonstrated by the creation of actual photos! You will be assessed on your ability to satisfy certain criteria when creating your photos, as well as your ability to give some meaningful self-reflection on them.

We will cover the following topics:

  • Camera safety and operation
  • Exposure, Focus, Zoom
  • Photo Critique
  • Controlling shutter speed
  • Controlling aperture – depth of focus
  • ISO
  • Indoor/outdoor photography
  • Composition
  • Techniques for drawing attention to the subject
  • Natural / available light
  • Fill-flash photography
  • Tips and tricks from a professional
  • Portraiture with a variety of subjects
  • Portfolio project

You Will Need An SLR Camera!
All lessons and projects are done entirely with a digital SLR camera (as opposed to a “point and shoot” camera) so having access to that is an absolute requirement for this course!