Law 12

Law 12 fosters skills and attitudes that enhance students’ abilities to address legal, social, and ethical issues, and reflect critically on the role of law in society. The study of law also promotes the skills and abilities needed to clearly express ideas, argue effectively and logically, and accurately interpret the written word. To meet career challenges, students need to make decisions, think critically, solve problems, work both independently and with others, and recognize their legal rights and responsibilities. This course consists of four modules: Foundations of Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, and Law and the Family. There is a consumable workbook (or activities that can be completed online) and a test for each module, as well as a final exam.


  1. Learning About Law
    • The New Choice for High School Law Learning About Law focuses on the issues-making law meaningful and alive for students. The text covers the full range of law topics (criminal, tort, contract, consumer, family, and employment law), and integrates international and environmental law wherever appropriate. -Learning About Law has the most current coverage of the Canadian Legal System. -Over 200 legal cases demonstrate pivotal legal principles. -Aboriginal law and women in law are integrated where appropriate. -Addresses recent changes to law such as the Young Offenders Act and the taxation of child maintenance payments. Compelling and Accessible for Students -Current High Profile Legal Issues are featured, and linked to Canadian case law. -Career Connections explore some less traditional legal careers and extend to further research and career study. -Environmental Watch and Global Watch are integrated throughout the text-showing how the law impacts our land and our world.