Intro to ESL Instruction 12

Introduction to ESL Instruction 12 is an introductory course to teach high school students about training young English language learners in spoken English.

Introduction to ESL Instruction 12 is designed for students who would like to explore and develop skills in teaching Spoken English to young ESL learners. Language training skills are in ever higher demand and provide a vehicle for cultural exchange and relationship. Students who are planning to travel internationally or who have an interest in tutoring international students in Canada will benefit from this course by developing a very valuable language training skill set. By the end of the course, students will have an introduction to the skills and the resources needed to engage young language learners in a study of spoken English. Students will be familiar with the characteristics of young language learners and how that affects both teaching style and lesson planning. Students will be encouraged to develop their own knowledge of themselves, their students and their language. Students will create and have access to a wide variety of lesson plans at the beginner, intermediate and advanced skill levels. Students will also engage in a number of activities to increase their language teaching skills and their cultural awareness.