English 10


English 10 will be encouraging the indepth study of the following literary genres: short stories, essays, poems, media articles and novels. Students will be actively involved in interpreting an author’s work from a Christian perspective, and high standards will be set for accountability and communication.

    • Literary study will progress beyond basic comprehension and venture into critical analysis and personal response. Using Biblical standards, students will be encouraged to analyze the culture, values, assumptions and contexts surrounding the literature studied.
    • This course will also contain a comprehensive writing component which will include instructional time, as needed, in Skype as well as group editing sessions. Included in instruction will be effective note-taking strategies, research skills, appropriate formatting for research papers and students will be encouraged to work on essays and written assignments that they need to complete for other subject areas.
  • Grades are calculated as follows:
    • 20% – Unit Tests
    • 20% – Assignments and Forums
    • 10% – Novel Study and Shakespeare Project Work
    • 10% – Final Exam

By the end of the course, students will have created a variety of personal, literary, technical and academic communications.

Resources: Please note: No resources will be shipped for this revised course.

    • Students will personally select a grade-appropriate novel they would like to study this year and will submit their choice to the course teacher for approval.
    • Students will need to procure a video or DVD copy of the Shakespearean play of their choice.
  • All other resources will be provided electronically within the course.