Foundations of Math 12

Foundations of Math 12 is designed to make math fun. Virtually every concept taught is shown using a practical application. Usually it is shown how the concepts can be used in the world of business. Expect to know much more about how to run a business after you have taken this course.
The topics covered include:

  • Compound interest, financial decision making, various types of investing.
  • Analyzing costs and benefits involved with buying, renting and leasing.
  • Analyzing puzzles and games with an emphasis on logical reasoning.
  • Solving business problems using set theory and “if-then” statements.
  • Deciding upon the probability of things happening.
  • Solving problems involving combinations and permutations.
  • Polynomial, logarithmic, exponential and sinusoidal functions including their graphs.
  • Studying the role of mathematics in a current event.

This course is available as an entire video curriculum, with Flash animated videos and interactive technology components. Instruction is engaging and there are comprehensive practice materials.