Family Studies 12


This course is designed to prepare the Christian student for family life in the 21st Century with all its demands and challenges. In an age where the very definition of family is under siege and divorce is at epidemic proportions, our students need to see God’s plan for the family as laid out in His Word. This course is designed to help the student prepare their own family values and standards before they find their spouse. We will explore and develop priorities for dating, courtship and engagement. Finally we will look at the key principles of building a strong marriage, raising children and planning for a significant future.

There are no prerequisite courses necessary. The student should have strong reading skills.

This course has been authored by Pastors Greg and Christine Bitgood who have been married since 1983 and have four grown children all of whom have a strong personal faith and focus for their lives. They have authored the course “The Functional Family” and have taught numerous workshops on family development. Greg is the Superintendent of Heritage Christian Schools and Christine is the children’s Pastor at Kelowna Christian Center. They have both served on several boards and organizations related to protecting and developing the family in Canada.

Course Outcomes:
Unit 1 – What is the Christian Family in the 21st Century? Students will begin to understand God’s Plan for the family in the 21st Century.

  • Give a Biblical foundation in the definition of family as compared to contemporary cultural definitions.
  • Observe and evaluate how outside institutions and cultural forces such as government, church, media, technology, economics, etc. are changing and affecting families today.
  • Evaluate and compare the family values and traditions of different cultures.
  • To understand the family as the God ordained social unit which is the basis for all other social interaction and relationships.

Unit 2 – Preparing for and starting a Christian Family in the 21st Century. Students will discover the values and goals necessary to beginning a strong Christian family.

  • Understand and evaluate their current family’s values and goals in comparison to their ideals for a future family.
  • Compare their personal family values and system to other family values and systems.
  • Define the various roles and responsibilities of the family members.
  • Develop a framework for their own family values and family goals.
  • Discover and develop the priorities for the kind of person you would want to marry.
  • Establishing guidelines and boundaries in the process of finding your future spouse.
  • Planning and preparing for a strong Christian marriage.


Unit 3 – Building a Christian Family in the 21st Century. Students will begin to understand what it takes to build a successful family.

  • Understand the key principles to preserve and build a strong marriage.
  • Develop a plan and place for children.
  • Establish a family policy for discipline and training children throughout their development.
  • Learn to structure family resources for short and long term planning.
  • Understand, prepare and learn to survive various crises.
  • Begin to understand issues relating to retirement planning, aging parents, empty nest, grandchildren and death.