Entrepreneurship & Creative Innovation 11

Entrepreneurship and Creative Innovation 11 is an introductory course in training students in the foundations of entrepreneurship and innovation. Primarily a multiple projects-based course, students will develop an understanding of the mindset and challenges that entrepreneurs face, while developing proficiency in some of the tools that entrepreneurs use research tools, content curation tools, matrices, mind maps, and process charts. Students will learn about being an entrepreneur, a social entrepreneur, an intrapreneur, and a Kingdom Entrepreneur. They will look at examples of each both today and in history. They will take a number of self-assessments to help them clearly identify their strengths so that they can work from a position of strength. They will engage in a number of challenges to help them understand how to research and evaluate trends in business, whether or not an opportunity exists for them in a given space, a brief overview of their potential competition, and insights into what their typical, ideal customer looks like. In a capstone project, they will assemble all their relevant information in a comprehensive mind map so that they have a resource through which they can thoroughly and strategically investigate any entrepreneurial idea they are challenged with in the future, and with which they can creatively and systematically think outside the box. You can see a video introduction of the course at http://www.entrepreneurship11.com/#!introduction-to-the-course/ccqj.