Entrepreneurship 12


Entrepreneurship 12 is designed to develop and bring out the enterprising capacity of young men and women who have an interest in exploring how to start a business venture and understand how to capably perform its many functions. This learning process removes the fear and mystery often associated with running a business, becoming for many a natural and enjoyable experience of planning and following through with a profitable idea, while making use of a network of exciting skills. By the end of the course, students will have envisioned and completely worked through a business plan, sampling all components of what is involved in operating a business. The process begins by looking at the characteristics of a business leader vis-?-vis one?s sense of calling and equipping, followed by the importance of a creative and ethically grounded vision or business charter. Thereafter, students are exposed to and work through the marketing, financial, communication and legal aspects of operating a business, with opportunities to showcase or compete in events designed for high school business enthusiasts. Many case studies and creative exercises will have the effect of developing business ingenuity, and a number of the skills acquired will benefit students who may not necessarily start up their own business, but end up in positions of governance or leadership in the business world. Much of the practice of business makes use of learned skills from other curricular areas and applies them in a problem solving way.

General List of Topics Covered: PLANNING, MARKETING, FINANCE, and LEGAL


  1. Small Business – An Entrepreneur’s Plan
    • Required text for Entrepreneurship 12