English 12


Language is an integral component of thinking, learning and communicating which is found in all cultures. In order for individuals to avail themselves of many of life’s opportunities, such as work, higher education and social interaction, they must demonstrate adequate proficiency in their use of language. In addition, in order to become more effective ambassadors for Christ, students will be required to evaluate various perspectives in the light of Biblical truth.

The English 12 program gives students the means to study literature, poetry and prose as well as informational communications and the mass media. Students utilizing the power of language can learn to see into the past, perceive the present while pondering the future. Weekly writing portfolio submissions will be required.


  1. Hamlet
    • Presents the original text of Shakespeare’s play side by side with a modern version, with discussion questions, role-playing scenarios, and other study activities.
      The Bard’s original poetic phrases are printed side-by-side and line-by-line with the modern translation on each facing page. While Shakespeare’s immortal plays have endured, the English language has changed — which is why today’s students often find Shakespeare’s idiom difficult to comprehend.

      Note: There will also be an e-text available for this resource so having a hard copy is optional. The book has additional explanatory notes and overviews that a student may find helpful.

  2. Literary Experiences Volume 2
    • Required textbook for English 12
  3. Saint Maybe
    • Pulitzer Prize winning author Anne Tyler gives us the powerfully poignant story of a young man’s guilt over his brother’s death and of his years of effort at atonement.

      Baltimore – home of the “apple pie” Bedlow family. At 17, Ian, the youngest, has the usual dreams of the future. But he also has a secret that sparks a fatal tragedy – and from that moment on, nothing in Ian’s life will ever be the same as he painfully pursues redemption. His journey will begin with the Church of the Second Chance, whose philosophy is that forgiveness must be earned. It will move through the therapeutic discovery of his own creative abilities.

      And finally, it will culminate in Ian’s healing through the lure of big-boned Rita who burst into the Bedlow’s lives and sweeps away the cobwebs.