English 11


Get ready to dig into a study of period literature, passionate persuaders and modern communications! This course will present students with the opportunity to read, research and comment on a broad and varied array of authors and writings. Beginning with the pre-colonial years of Christopher Columbus and early explorers, students will learn about cultural communications, passionate difference-makers from the past, authors who make a social statement and communication genres provided by modern media. Included will be poetry, essays, short stories, novels, letters, biographies and multimedia resources.

    • At this level, students work to understand more complex or abstract issues and will be introduced to other worldviews.
    • There will be live Elluminate lectures and discussion sessions in this class.
    • Students will continue to develop strong written communication skills and will be encouraged to work on writing assignments from other courses.

By the end of the year, students will have compiled personal communications including poems, essays, visual presentations, written explanations, summaries and will have been introduced to the dynamics of the debate.

Resources: Please note: No resources will be shipped for this revised course.

    • Students will personally select a grade-appropriate novel that has been made into a movie that they would like to study this year and will submit their choice to the course teacher for approval.
    • Students will need to procure a video or DVD copy of the Shakespearean play of their choice.
  • All other resources will be provided electronically within the course.