Chemistry 11

Chemistry 11

Description:Description: This course is divided into the following topics areas:

  • Unit I and II: Introduction to Chemistry
  • Unit III: Physical Properties and Physical Changes of Substances
  • Unit IV: Inorganic Nomenclature (Naming)
  • Unit V: The Mole Concept
  • Unit VI: Chemical Reactions
  • Unit VII: Calculations Involving Reactions
  • Unit VIII: Atoms and the Periodic Table
  • Unit IV: Solution Chemistry
  • Unit X: Organic Chemistry


  • Chemistry 11: A Workbook for Students, HEBDEN.

Course Design:

  • Students will be assigned various questions that need to be submitted at the end of each lesson/week to the hand-in box.
  • Work can be completed in a word processing document but is best completed by hand and scanned into a word processing file.
  • Students may also opt to submit their written work via fax.
  • There will be an online automated test at the end of each Unit.
  • Students will be required to meet with the teacher in Skype via web cam in the first week of the course. You will require a working web cam and microphone for this course.


  • This course is instructed by Ms. Heather Loenen of Kelowna. She is a certified teacher who taught in the classroom for 5 years before moving to the online environment in 2005.
  • Students are encouraged to send their questions via e-mail and to book online tutorial appointments with Ms. Loenen on a daily basis to get the individual help they need to be successful in this course.

Other requirements:

  • Students may be asked at various points in the course to meet with the teacher via web cam in Skype to verify their identity and mastery over course topics.
  • Student must write a proctored exam at a central exam center to verify their identity and mastery over course topics.


  1. Hebden: Chemistry 11
    • A workbook for students.
  2. Scientific Calculator
    • To be provided by the student