Nova Scotia Online High School Credit

Atlantic Education Online (AEO) is a division of Halifax Christian Academy.  AEO is an online school offering courses in grades 10-12 as well as Advanced Placement courses to private school, public school and homeschool students from Nova Scotia and worldwide.  Courses meet or exceed the requirements for Nova Scotia online high school credit.

Students, are you looking for:

  • an opportunity to broaden your course choices?
  • flexibility to work on your own schedule?
  • the opportunity to retake a credit course?

Atlantic Education Online offers you all of these.  You can take additional courses or retake courses to meet graduation requirements or supplement your current course load to meet university entrance requirements.

All of our courses:

  • will give you full Nova Scotia online high school credit towards graduation
  • are taught by experienced, certified teachers.
  • are written from a Christian perspective.
  • use a rich combination of resources, media (including video), interaction with classmates, and good teacher-student communication
  • include textbooks and course materials, if needed
  • come with full technical support, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm (Atlantic Time)