Q & A

  • How do I sign up for courses?

    Once you have chosen which courses you want, please visit our Online Application Page, and follow the easy-to-use online form. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions of how to proceed with the next steps. You can always call us at 902-475-1441 or email us at admissions@halifaxchristianacademy.ca if you need help.

  • Where and how is the course taught?

    Everything is accessed through the internet so students can take courses from school, home, the library, or any other place you can log in. Any modern web browser will be able to access our classroom software, called Moodle. Included in Moodle is a chat program so that students can communicate with their teacher or fellow students in real time, a course calendar, a file transfer system so that students can upload their assignments, student forums for posting topic discussions, and more. Moodle interfaces with Skype, a free computer to computer phone system, so that teachers can speak directly with students in real-time voice over the internet or phone line.

  • Do I have to follow a time schedule?

    This depends on the school program you have signed up with. If your teacher or school requires you to follow a timed schedule, our courses are designed to fit within a normal school calendar. Our courses work asynchronously, which means that you do not have to work at a specific time, though you will want to schedule specific times when you can chat with your teacher or speak to them via Skype. Students can work at their own pace any time before or after school throughout the school year, though they should finish their course during the school calendar year they signed up for.

    We’re committed to providing the most flexible schedule possible for students.

  • How much time does it take to complete a course?

    All of our courses are set up in a semesterized format of 18 lessons- one lesson per week. If students want to work in a linear pace they would complete one lesson every two weeks. Time on each lesson varies from the course’s academic level and the student’s ability. Typically, a grade 11 level core subject course will average 60 to 90 minutes a day for a semesterized approach. Most higher level courses will take the average student 110 to 130 hours to complete.

  • What do your courses cost?

    The fee for all courses is $500.00 per course plus the cost of resources (textbooks), calculators if needed, and exams. Please contact us for more information.

  • Will my computer be able to run the Online Courses?

    Any computer (PC or Mac) that has internet access will be able to access our website and all course content. Some courses will require you to have the free Adobe Flash Player installed in order to view the full content. The courses are compatible with any of the latest browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, or Safari. We recommend high speed internet for the best experience, although it is not strictly required.

  • Are these NS Certified Courses?

    The courses meet all of the NS Learning Outcomes as defined by the Ministry of Education. All of the teachers are Certified Teachers and qualified in the subjects they are teaching.

  • How will my credits and grades be reported?

    Atlantic Education Online will provide you with a transcript of your courses and grades.

  • What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

    Go to your moodle course log-in page at http://lms.onlineschool.ca/login/index.php and on the right hand side, you can click on the Password Center. The link will prompt you to request a new one and have it emailed to you.

  • When will my textbooks arrive?

    If the course you are taking requires physical textbooks, they will be sent to you once you begin the course. There is at least one month of text material on the course site which you can use and submit the first few assignments. Once you hand in the first assignment, textbooks will be sent out to your home address. Please keep the directions on how to return the materials so you are not charged for them.

  • Advanced Placement courses and dual credits.

    Some of our Advanced Placement courses (ie. – AP Calculus / Calculus 12) have been designed to meet the learning outcomes for the Advanced Placement course as well as the equivalent high school course. This means a student can choose to take one of the courses, or with a bit extra work, both of the courses. The student would then receive 8 high school credits for taking two courses as well as have the choice of taking the optional AP exam in May to receive university credit (AP exams require a $125.00 fee paid to the College Board for the exam which we collect with registration for the exam).

  • Should I re-apply for additional courses if I already have a profile?

    Do not re-apply. Simply call or email our office to add additional courses.